Yana Segal

Interaction Designer & UI/UX Consultant

Share & Charge | Innogy

At Share&Charge, I worked alongside team members to conceptualize, design, and develop an innovative product based on Blockchain technology. The Project included Branding and logo design, mobile apps for iOs and Android, website, presentations and other commercial elements.

Untwist Desktop App | Delodi

Untwist is an internal tool for meetings management. the brief focused on making intuitive interaction points more visible to help users become more efficient, especially during meetings.


Website Restructure | Sinnema

Sinnema approched me to make their website more accesible and simple to use for potential clients. Wireframes and new structure suggestions based on their old website.

eCommerce site | 9 lives press

Nine Lives Press is an independent publishing house  with a growing audience. I design and guide them in the online field from the very beginning. this online shop is focused on a quick and friendly shopping experience that fits the client needs.