Share and Charge App

ClientInnogy Innovation Hub
My roleUI / UX Design
Visual Design

Share&charge set out to create a network for all types of charging stations. I worked alongside team members to envision, design, and develop an innovative product based on Blockchain technology.  The Project included Branding, mobile apps for iOs and Android, website, presentations and other commercial elements.

Share and charge mockup
Project Requirements
A crucial aspect for the dawn of electric vehicles is thorough charging infrastructure. Currently, roughly 5000 public charging stations exist in Germany while an estimated amount of 40-50.000 private charging stations exist. The objective of the project is to create a system that makes use of this potential by helping owners of the stations to make them pubic and earn money by allowing others to use them.

This required to define two different systems: one for the charger and one for the station owner.  With this app, users searched for charging stations, kept track of their charging history and managed their Cryptocurrency wallet. 
ApproachI was involved from the early stages working closely with the developing team and with the marketing team, to understand the product needs in-depth. Together we identified the target audience, acknowledge the complexities and defined the product vision. 
Share and charge wireframe
Research Methods
On January 2020,  the first version of the app was successfully introduced in the Internationale Grüne Woche Berlin Fair. The app focussed on 3 main areas of the Ministry: National parks, Insects protection and Ministry’s milestones.

After gathering positive feedback, The BMU requested more themes for version two of the app.

Share and charge mockup
Share and charge mockup
Share and charge mockup
Share and charge mockup
Share and charge mockup

Customer Feedback

We really enjoyed working with Yana. She asked the right questions, fitted the design perfectly to our Share&Charge product and supported very proactively.
Dietrich Sümmermann, Chairman of the Foundation Board of Share & Charge.
share and charge banner
Share and charge mockup